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New Forces Winter 2016
Four new releases are now available.

Rodger Stella & Scant - "Third Phalanx" c40
Something bad is going to happen, tension building, nerves shot. A perfectly realized collaboration between Rodger Stella (Macronympha, One Dark Eye) and Scant. Like all great collaborations this combines the best of both artists and arrives at a totally unique place. Minimal textural studies build to satisfying noise outbursts as each side of this tape steadily increases your anxiety levels. Imagine a perfect one-second loop stretched out for 40 minutes, subjected to expert manipulation and increasing violence. The satisfaction of two of your favorites combining forces and going beyond your already high expectation.  

Skin Graft - "Activity Intolerance" c30
Bad attitude, worse outlook. The latest work from the king of bleak harsh noise. Five tracks of Wyatt Howland's signature dismal electronics, a window into the decayed underbelly of the post-industrial Midwest. The sound of rotting buildings crumbling around broken lives. Few current US noise artists have cultivated such an influential sound, but no one can capture the level of negativity that is Skin Graft. Even for a project known for producing ugly sounds "Activity Intolerance" is particularly nasty.   

Pyrox - "Fragment" c40
Mushroom clouds of static. The all-electronic side project of Alan Bloor, aka Knurl. Where Knurl focuses entirely on the manipulation of metal instruments, Pyrox conjures impossibly dense waves of electronics using only Boss pedals. "Fragment" builds a massive wall of sound, but repeat listens will reveal subtle movement underneath the distortion. At high volumes this release can induce the sort of trance-like listening experience that only the best harsh noise achieves. An incredible work from one of Canada's finest.  

Action/Discipline - Orgasmic Response Unit - Legless - Unpenis c40
A compilation highlighting the nastier side of contemporary US harsh noise. Four unique approaches that are united in their dedication to extreme and violent sound. Action/Discipline pummels the listener into the ground with a barrage of high frequency electronics and low end rumble. Orgasmic Response Unit aka the Tandy Brothers offer their trademark scrap metal noise. Legless stutters and stops en route to a piercing wall of feedback and electronic violence. Unpenis, a newer project which includes the mind behind Vat, manages to get even filthier, dragging the listener through 10 minutes of demented samples and vicious noise tantrums. Americanoise lives on.

Older Titles

Various Artists - "Coalition" Cassette
"Coalition" is the follow up to last year's "Resistance" compilation on New Forces and gathers together 13 heavy hitters for 70 minutes of blistering harsh noise. All new tracks from Knurl, Sissy Spacek, Constrain, Lettera 22, Crimes of the Crown, Hostage Pageant, Skin Graft,Treriksröset, Mania, Heat Signature, Baculum, Vasculae and Vomir. "Coalition" is the elite of contemporary harsh noise, remaining dedicated to extreme sound of the highest quality. Housed in oversized bags, front-and-back artwork and insert. 

Vat - "Bubble Probe" Cassette
The absolute filthiest. White hot, crashing down around you, the true spirit of Americanoise. No pretension or subtlety, just pure aggression. Vat has assembled an impressive discography to date and is poised to takes its place among the top tier of contemporary American harsh noise. "Bubble Probe" feels like a total structural collapse.

Scalp Elevator - "Reenactment" Cassette
Scalp Elevator is the new project of Ryan Bloomer and Andrew Nolan. Separately they have an impressive body of work credited to their own names, as well as their participation in bands like The Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven, Flatline Construct and Joshua Norton Cabal. Together they manage to take the best of various harsh noise approaches and filter it through a masterful set of textural studies. Deconstructed junk metal, crackling tones, and full on blasting sound. A mix of studio and live exercises that are alternatively humbling and motivating. 

Heat Signature - "People's War" Cassette

Heat Signature brings together Luke Tandy (Being), Brad Griggs, and Stefan Aune (Breaking the Will) for an exercise in destruction. Recorded at Skeleton Dust HQ in summer 2015. The A-side is a rushing, heaving blast of sound, the B-side sounds like world's most degraded punk band falling off a cliff. Walls of sound, dynamic shifting, amplified metal, the exhilaration of volume, pressure and intensity. 

New Forces Issue 5

The 5th issue of New Forces includes interviews with Knurl, Filth, Cipher Productions, Scant, a listener's guide to Emaciator, and a feature on live noise venues with Luke Tandy (Skeleton Dust HQ), Jay Linski (The Borg Ward), and Omar Gonzalez (Club Rectum). Reviews and pictures round things out. Five issues in, no end in sight. Best enjoyed while listening to Skin Crime. 

Leo Brochu - Cicatrix (c20)
Simultaneously concussive and jagged. Thick, blasting harsh noise. A fist repeatedly punching through sheets of glass.

Mlehst - Poacher Turned Gamekeeper Turned Poacher (3xCS, c40)
This triple cassette finds one of England's noise legends revisiting old material, cataloging his favorite past efforts, and mixing it all with new recordings. Tense, disturbing, sometimes energetic and sometimes brooding noise.Those who know, know. If not, this is an excellent introduction to one of the greats.

New Forces Issue #4
The latest edition of the New Forces zine. Includes interviews with Encephalophonic, Private Archive, Extraction Records, and Plagues, along with other features, reviews, and photographs from Summer Scum 2014

Deterge - Accrete To Me (c15)
Jim Haras presents two tracks of industrial experimentation and harsh noise. Droning ambient passages give way to bizarre effects before climaxing in frantic, pummeling blasts of noise. Flawless execution from an artist that has emerged as one of the finest live acts in American noise. If you've had the privilege of seeing Deterge live in the last few years then you know how good this tape is, which manages to capture all of the intensity of a live Deterge set while adding the composition and depth of a studio recording. Everyone else is about to find out. 7$ ppd in the US / international orders get in touch for an exact total.

Hostage Pageant - Parallel Interruption (c20)
A perfect combination of americanoise crunch and Swedish tape filth. Hostage Pageant has explored a variety of approaches on recent releases, and Parallel Interruption manages to integrate these layers of junk metal, noise, tape manipulation and heavy electronics into a cohesive blend. Carefully composed harsh noise from one of the Midwest's finest. 7$ ppd in the US / international orders get in touch for an exact total.

Zine #1 with Gnawed, Plague Mother, Vasculae, Orgasmic Response Unit, Peter J.Woods, Phage Tapes, Steel Hook Prostheses... (5.50$/8.50$ppd)

Zine #2 with Custodian, Deterge, Hostage Pageant, Heavy Psych, Summer Scum Noise Fest, RRRecords, Miscreant, Mother Savage Noise... (5.50$/8.50$ppd)

Zine #3 with Heinz Hopf, Developer, Murderous Vision, and Black Leather Jesus / Richard Ramirez... (5.50$ / 8.50$ ppd)

Plague Mother - Bones of Regret (Dark, brooding harsh noise)

Muck - Black Hole Earth (Bleak drone)

xAllxForxThisx - Hard Drugs (Power-Electronics)

Distro Items:
Although not functioning as an official "distro," New Forces does have a limited number of items available, both individually and as part of a larger order of New Forces stock. Most of these are international items so US customers can grab something without crazy postage costs. Very limited numbers of each so email first (newforcesnoise at gmail dot com).


Breaking The Will - Choosing Death CD (Terror / Narcolepsia) (10$ppd)
Review from At War With False Noise: "Fantastic ultra-harsh cut-up noise. Taking the "junk noise" sound that seems to have become really popular in the past couple of years, but informed by the Japanese masters and with a deft hand for piecing everything together, this is one of the best noise records I've heard in some time. Recommended."

Guilty Connector - Downpour Shammer CD (Gravity Swarm) (12$ppd)
One of Japan's best, harsh noise, fuzzed out drone, field recordings. One of the most creative and consistently excellent noise artists around working in a variety of styles with a harsh noise base. All of these Gravity Swarm Recordings items have really unique and ornate CD packaging.

Guilty Connector - Bottom Down CD (Gravity Swarm) (12$ppd)
Amazing Japanese noise - worship the skull. If you've never checked GxCx out before you're in for a treat.

K2 - Tamayura CD (Gravity Swarm) (12$ppd)
More excellence from the Japanese master, fast paced, expertly composed. One of my favorites from his recent output.

Macronympha - Studio 95 CD (Triangle) (12$ppd)
This is on par with classic mid-90's albums like Pittsburgh, PA and Amplified Humans. Macronympha at their finest.

Tube Tentacles / Guilty Connector Split CD (Mattoid) (12$ppd)
Bleak drone and noisecapes, some of the finest CD packaging I've encountered. A gorgeous release.

Various - Hard Panning Noise Compilation CD (Triangle) (12$ppd)
Incredible lineup. Facialmess, Kazumoto Endo, Kazuma Kubota, T.E.F., Jaako Vanhala, Ahlzagailzehguh, Developer, Jake Vida, Maaaa, Purgist, Deafault, Mantichora, Encephalophonic, K2, and Lettera 22. One of the best releases of 2014.

V/A - Terror Campaign CD (Industrial Recollections)  (12$ppd)
Classic 90's compilation. Con-Dom, Taint, Menche, Odal, Streicher, Goldenrod, Contagious Orgasm, Nimoy, Macronympha, Fascist Imperium. Essential listening.

V/A - Nihilist Assaultcore CD (Industrial Recollections) (12$ppd)
Streicher, Black Leather Jesus, Control Resistance, Daniel Menche, Incapacitants, Grey Wolves, Macronympha, Nimoy. Amazing compilation, two of my favorite tracks by Incapacitants ever.

Special Interests Issues (10$ppd)

Fumio Kosakai (Incapacitants. Hijokaidan. CCCC. etc).
Jason Crumer (American Band. Aluminium Noise…).
Dave Phillips.
Christian Stadsgaard (Damion Duprovik. Posh Isolation label).
Klaus H. Hansen (Ashley C. Fuzzards…).
Cult of Youth.
Phage Tapes.
Noise documentary article with interviews with directors of the documents.art of analogue tape series.the essential featuring: Con-Dom. Wertham. Dieter Muh. B5/52 pages.

Tommi keränen (Testicle Hazard. Pymathon. etc).
Loke Rahbek (LR. Caucasian Colony. etc)
Michael Esposito
Kinit Her
Cremation Lily
Field recordings article featuring Altar of Flies. Alfarmania. Eric Lunde. Hal Hutchinson. Jeph Jerman. Essential noise relate books with Pekka Perä-Taka (Sick Seed. SSRI…). Reviews.52/B5 offset printed pages.

- MK9
- Prurient
- Jaakko Vanhala
- Sektor 304
- Das Synthetische Mischgewebe
- Pogrom
- Mikkel Rorbo (Alleypisser etc)
- Foetus

Live noise feature with Haters, Con-Dom, Keränen + artwork by Tisbor. Harsh noise 2013 feature With The Rita, Being, Tourette, Developer, Alogirl. 84 pages in B5 size, paperback. .

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