Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Forces is happy to announce three new cassette tapes, available now.

Savage Gospel / Vanhala Split Cassette

Massive Finnish noise split. US edition of an instantly sold out self-released edition from earlier this year. Savage Gospel pound away with an unrelenting harsh noise assault the focuses on physicality and feedback. Jaakko Vanhala attacks with more precision but the same aggression, showcasing his trademark scrap metal dynamism. An intimidating showcase of extreme sound.

Seepage - "Throes" Cassette

NYC-based duo of Ginny Benson & Kiran Arora, aka Seepage, follow up their incredible debut from last year with "Throes," blending the grinding crunch of American harsh noise with the extreme electronics of the Japanoise legends. Dynamic, razor-sharp, and concussive, "Throes" showcases a masterful command of noise techniques that will leave you begging for more. Sonic adrenaline rush.

Lila Engel - "Materialization" Cassette

Grinding urban destruction from this NYC-based duo of Chelsea O'Connor and Chris Hansell. Blasting noise action with flourishes of electronic ambience that weave together into a narrative whole. An exceptional follow-up to their debut split tape with Sewer Election.

In addition, the store has been updated with a huge number of distro items we've been hoarding for a few months, including titles from Tesco, Cold Spring, FA / Industrial Recollections, Found Remains, Old Europa Cafe, and much more.

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